Full DNS Control

  • You can create and edit A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, SPF and TXT records
  • You can create web redirects straight in the DNS control panel
  • We have DNS records templates for popular systems like G Suite prepared for one-click set up
  • You can set TTL (time to live) for every record individually starting with 1 minute and going up to 1 month
  • Your changes are propagated to the whole DNS network in less than 1 minute
DNS records management

High-availability DNS network

Anycast DNS network provides the highest possible availability. The same technology is used by Google, Amazon and other most popular web portals. We guarantee, your domain will resolve under any circumstances.

Your DNS records are hosted in 16 DDoS-protected server clusters. Every cluster has 4 different DNS servers. In case of a regional disaster, when all 4 servers are unreachable, this region is routed to another nearest cluster.

Anycast network routes all requests to the nearest edge location. Therefore, global DDoS attacks are dispersed among 16 data centers. Every of them have capacity to filter up to 100Gbps of traffic, which is enough to handle 1/16 of any DDoS attack today.

Fast resolution

Every visitor is served by the closest DNS server. 16 data centers on 6 continents evenly cover most of the internet user base. In most large countries your domain is resolved in less than 30 ms, in others – in less than 100 ms. This is 2 to 3 times faster than a regular Unicast DNS network. This means, your website starts loading faster.

Detailed DNS resolution time comparison [LT]